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Create a BUZZ in your market!


Facebook, mailers, SEO, and emails are all important  for a robust marketing campaign.

However, by using Adwords properly, you can hyper target people who are searching for YOUR services in YOUR area SPECIFICALLY!

On average, 20-40% of Google searches for local contractors end with an Adwords click.


What is Hivewords?

Hivewords is a unique approach to Google Adwords management, designed with the small business owner in mind.

Typically, PPC management firms will set a “Minimum Spend”, which can be anywhere from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and attempt to run-up the actual ad spend while collecting a percentage fee.

With Hivewords, our goal is the opposite. We are not looking for quantity of traffic, our goal is CLICK QUALITY.

In other words, just because you give us a budget that you are willing to spend doesn’t mean that we are trying to blow that budget to collect a higher management fee.

We constantly check for and implement ways to maximize your campaigns, increase hot traffic and lower your overall ad spend while effectively raising your PPC ROI!

Flat fee management allows us to work in the interest of our clients without breaking their bank account in the process.

We are able to offer low cost, professional PPC services by being a hands off, done for you service. As a business owner, you don’t have the time to babysit every marketing vendor that you do business with.

We send detailed reporting to you every month so that you can see exactly how things are working.

Go get that money! We are here if you need us, but don’t worry about us… we’ve got this 🙂

What is The Hive?

To understand The Hive, one must first understand the “Hive Mind”

Hive Mind – noun

  1. The collective mental activity expressed in the complex, coordinated behavior of a colony of social insects (such as bees or ants) regarded as comparable to a single mind controlling the behavior of an individual organism
  2. The collective thoughts, ideas, and opinions of a group of people (such as Internet users) regarded as functioning together as a single mind

via Merriam Webster

In The Hive, we use our experience in working with multiple, like minded businesses across the country to constantly identify new opportunities, fend off changes in the marketing climate, and improve results.

By analyzing trends locally, regionally and nationally, we are able to optimize campaigns for such things as positive / negative keyword opportunities, killer headlines, seasonal fluctuations and many other metrics.

In a nutshell, The Hive allows us to utilize data from around the country to constantly find what’s working, what’s not working and how to squeeze every last bit of ROI out of our clients’ PPC budget.

The Hive grows as we take on multiple projects within individual industries and grow our knowledge base. Although Hivewords is available for all types of industries, The Hive is currently only available for pressure washers, soft washers, window cleaners, roof cleaners and gutter cleaners.

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We’re not some fly by night company trying to get rich quick and split.

We pride ourselves in providing quality, affordable services without all the BS!

Go with the name you can trust!